Life in the Deep

Too bad we can't stay

Getting away was the best decision they made all day. Breaking out of the hulk, Eddie endured a few jolts but was able to knock out two shield emitters, allowing the Mudslide to get close enough for the team to be pulled back on board.

Sidd, struggling with being possessed, broke free and, although definitely shaken by the experience, had enough presence of mind to follow the others when it came time to move.

Fortunately for Guy, he was able to assemble a serviceable e-suit and was pretty sure he’d make the jaunt to their ship.

Freddie did what he could medically, and was ready to move, too, once Eddie was finished and himself on board the Mudslide, ready to receive the rest of the crew. The actual evacuation took only a few moments – these were trained, experience space hands, and a little movement outside wasn’t that big of a deal anymore. Sidd had one last look through the airlock window and with it one last shock to his system, as a fanged, clawed face – different from the foes they’d theretofore encountered – scratched at the window, frustrated at the pressure door separating it from its food.

Once everyone was on board the Mudslide Eddie decided to try and drill a hole in the engineering section of the hulk, perhaps to damage the ship. No sooner than they’d focused the relatively weak beam on the aft section did Suzanne notice a figure moving along the outside of the massive ship, heading toward the still-open airlock. A figure in an ancient, tattered e-suit made its way, quickly, into the vessel, closing the door behind it. Quick! Shift fire! The door eventually collapsed, but it seemed that whatever had gotten in had successfully made its way beyond the suit locker, and moments later the hulk started to power up, and within minutes had changed course slightly, vectoring toward Delta Epsilon IV, an old colony world with a large population.

Final comments are encouraged – what would the crew of the Dublin Mudslide do after this awful day? You’ve got suit camera recordings, sensor and navigational logs, and your own stories, as well as the ship, moving slowly toward a populated world. What would they do, and how would they go about it?


After seeing to Sidd’s “frame” of mind, and giving him a mild sedative to calm down, he tended to Guy and Eddie to see if they needed anything. Giving Guy a once over since his suit was breached, and possibly could be showing symptoms similar to Sidd. Afterward, Freddy went about cleaning up his gear, then taking his tablet into the mess hall (if you could call it a mess hall) for some chow. While he tapped out a report on his findings, he backed up by certain portions with video clips to reinforce what the crew had encountered. The Medical Journal was going to LOVE this! He listened to the rest of the crew unwind while they ate, and as he finished his report and his chow, he relaxed, wondering what exactly did happen on the Annic Nova.

Too bad we can't stay

Nightmares persisted and in each one Guy bit the dust. Just once could he dream of having a blue shirt or gold shirt. And a couple of space babes would be nice. Can I get a hot tub!

Too bad we can't stay

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